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The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) uses running to create strong, inspirational Indigenous leaders and promote a healthy active life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians. For more info visit:
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Where does my donation go?

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) uses running to create strong, inspirational Indigenous leaders and promote a healthy active life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Funds raised from the de Castella Run will enable IMF to deliver programs specifically designed to target the mental health issues many Indigenous people face, and equip our young leaders with the skills to tackle the big issues and drive change in their families and communities.


  1. SET UP MY INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PAGE:Click on the Start Fundraising Button to set up your own individual fundraising page. You can then ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you with a donation to your page. You will be able to send them a link with some encouraging reasons to help support IMF and your page.
  2. SUPPORT A FRIEND’S PAGE: Like contribute to a friends fundraising page who is competing in the DE CASTELLA RUN and already has a fundraising page. Simply click donate to a friends page and search for the name of their fundraising page.
  3. DONATE ANONYMOUSLY:Want to simply make a direct donation? You can do this by clicking the donate now button.

Prizes for Fundraisers:

Each year we offer Top Individual and Top Team Fundraising prizes.


IMF Funds raised will help……

$20 will go towards prizes and awards for school children completing ICAN program
$190 = Deadly Run Leader achieving their Level 1 Run Leader Accreditation
$1,500 = ICAN Games Kit for a community
$2000 = Deadly Running Equipment kit (First aid kit, PA system, marquees/flags, program banner)
$10,000 = Cover the costs for one IMF Graduate
$15,000 = Fitness Station (7-8 activities) for a community

Indigenous Marathon Project Fundraising Tips

  • Start early; the sooner you start fundraising, the more chance you have of reaching your target.
  • Ask your family and friends to donate first, that way others will be more inclined to match your donations.
  • Do some baking and ask your colleagues for a donation for morning tea.
  • Hold a screening of the IMP documentary Running to America and ask for a small donation on entry.
  • Keep people informed. Your profile can be updated regularly so that your family and friends know how your training is coming along. People who have already donated will be interested and it may prompt those who haven’t.
  • Don’t forget to remind people that they can still donate after the event. They may be inspired by what you have achieved.
  • Host a dinner party and ask for a small donation in return.
  • Be creative. Put posters in your neighbourhood and local gym, as well as other places that people might see you training.
  • Include the link to your fundraising profile in your e-signature.
  • Link your fundraising profile to your Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Make a list of people to ask for donations and figures out the best way of contacting them. Some may prefer email, where some might like a phone call.
  • Approach your boss and find out of your workplace offers a donation matching scheme. This is very common in many large organisations.
  • Ask your workplace if you can set up a donation tin where your colleagues can drop their loose change. This is a great idea if your office has a canteen or vending machine.
  • Get family and friends to guess what time you will finish your chosen event in when they donate, then offer a prize for whoever is the closest.